Tyre, Deluxe Champion Firestone Replica, 400-18

Includes tube & rim strap/protector!

Section Width: approx. 4" depending on rim width and inflation pressure.

Overall Diameter: 67cm (26.4").

Suit rim widths: 1.85, 2.15, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00.

These replicas are available in 400-18 and 450-18 only. 

This is a replica of the Deluxe Champion Firestone tire. It has no logo or branding on it as the original Firestone does.

Like other classic/vintage tires, these are bias-ply or cross-ply construction. As such, they will naturally have some wobble or out-of-roundness. If you want close to perfectly round tires, then you should rather buy modern, radial-construction tires.

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