Battery, Lithium Ion, LiFePO4, 360CCA

360CCA, 12Ah PB Eq (6Ah Actual), 62mm thin, lithium ion motorcycle battery - perfect for custom builds.

Around 41% shorter and 22% thinner than an Antigravity 360CCA battery!!!

Takes up around 42% less space than an Antigravity 360CCA battery!!!

19% lighter than an Antigravity 360CCA battery!!!

They measure a tiny 142 x 64 x 62mm (5.59" x 2.52" x 2.44") +/- 3mm tolerance*.

Weight is just 845 grams (1.86lbs.)!!!

No need to give up your electric start! Enough current to crank over street bikes up to 1300cc and 4 cylinder race bikes up to 1600cc (please check your owners/workshop manual or other sources for the minimum recommended battery CCA and Ah rating for your bike).

Mountable in any orientation, they can be easily hidden under seat's, etc.

Unlike other lithium ion motorcycle batteries, these have a built in Power Circuit Management (PCM) system which protects the battery from over-charging, over-discharging, and voltage overload, ensuring the safety of both battery and bike!

Without a PCM, a lithium ion battery can be permanently destroyed when for example the regulator fails and delivers full voltage from the alternator. This battery on the other hand will automatically disconnect itself from the electrical system in such a case, preventing any damage from occurring. Recharging the battery re-sets it for use again. Note: if this occurs, it is advised to have your electrical system faults rectified, as to continue to operate the battery in this manner will eventually cause permanent damage.

NOTE: The PCM DOES NOT have current overload protection. Current overload can be caused by a number of things. Examples: shorting the terminals with each other or the positive terminal with ground/earth, fitting a battery that is too small for your bike, faulty rectifier failing to convert AC to DC. 

Cable length is 75mm (positive cable) and 150mm (negative cable).

Being a fully-fledged motorcycle battery, they are a direct replacement for your original battery. Provides a significant space and weight saving.

New Technology, NO-LEAD and NO-ACID Battery.

Longer life than lead/acid. These batteries are not affected by vibration or heat as are lead/acid batteries.

*Due to the way the battery is wrapped there can be a variation of +/- 3mm in the final dimensions to what we have specified here. We advise that you do not start making cradles, etc. for this battery until you have received your order and taken your own measurements.

You must use a battery charger intended specifically for Lifepo4 Lithium Ion batteries. The lithium-ion battery charger must have a maximum charge voltage less than 14.5v and a maximum charge rate less than 2.5 amps.

Do not use a battery which is below the minimum required CCA as advised by the bike manufacturer.

Do not use a LiFePO4 battery that has an Ah PB Eq rating that is below 70% of your original battery's Ah rating.

If your bike is fitted with an after market charging system that produces more power than the original charging system, you need to select a higher Ah rated battery to suit.

This battery may not be compatible with some motorcycles built before 1980.

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