Battery Charger, Anti-Gravity

This 12 volt, 4-amp charger is the charger for use with any and all of our Lifepo4 Lithium batteries. With a 4-amp charge rate it offers a fast charge and is a good solid reliable unit for maintaining Lifepo4 (12v, 6v OR 16v) batteries of any size. It can also work as a maintaining type charger for lithium if you have a vehicle with a fast parasitic drain.

Comes with both alligator clips and detachable ring terminal plug which you can leave connected to your battery permanently for quick connection/disconnection of the charger.

Fitted with Australian plug.

4-AMP Charge Rate

CCCV Charging optimized for Lifepo4 Batteries

LED notification of Charging and Charged (red charging, green charged)

Short Circuit Protection

Battery Polarity Error Protection

Over Voltage Protection

Over Heat Protection

Voltage precision to +/- 1%

Covered by a 3-year, manufacturers warranty. 


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